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Water Master Water Equipments LLC, Ajman, UAE has engineered, manufactured, installed and serviced water and waste water treatment systems inside and outside United Arab Emirates. Our main stream business is the manufacture of Reverse osmosis type of desalination plants. We also do supply and installation of other equipments used in the water treatment.

Our clients are the highest caliber. Their practices in their respective fields are compatible with our own, and we regard them as a great source of continual challenge, development and industry.



Although sewage is more than 99.9 per cent water, the small proportion of solids in suspension and solution is highly important in its effects.
The strength or weakness of sewage is dependent upon the per capita water consumption and the amount of industrial wastes.
The solids of sewage are in solution and suspension and include both organic and inorganic matters. The total solids include both the suspended and the dissolved solids.
Suspended solids are those which can be filtered out on an asbestos mat and dried. They are relatively high in organic matter. Dissolved solids are obtained by evaporating a filtered sample.
Pathogens and coli form organisms will also occur in sewage, but they play no part in the sewage treatment.


Reverse osmosis occurs when the water is moved across the membrane against the concentration gradient, from lower concentration to higher concentration. To illustrate, imagine a semi permeable membrane with fresh water on one side and a concentrated aqueous solution on the other side. If normal osmosis takes place, the fresh water will cross the membrane to dilute the concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis, pressure is exerted on the side with the concentrated solution to force the water molecules across the membrane to the fresh water side.

Reverse osmosis is often used in commercial and residential water filtration. It is also one of the methods used to desalinate seawater. Sometimes reverse osmosis is used to purify liquids in which water is an undesirable impurity.


Demineralization is the removal of minerals ions from the water. The three that we will be discussing in the lesson are ion exchange, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis. These methods are widely used for water and wastewater treatment. Ion exchange is primarily used for the removal of hardness ions like magnesium and calcium and for water demineralization.  reverse osmosis and electrodialysis, which are both membrane seperation processes, remove dissolved solids from water using membranes



Degasification is the removal of dissolved gases from liquids, especially water or aqueous solutions. There are numerous possible methods for such removal of gases from solids.




water filter removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological process. Filters cleanse water to different extents for purposes like irrigation, drinking water, aquariums, and swimming pools.




Reverse osmosis, often abbreviated to RO is a technique employing a membrane which is “semi permeable” that is; under the influence of pressure a larger proportion of water (the solvent) passes through the membrane than do the dissolved salts or organic molecules (the solutes).

Such semi permeable membranes are common in nature, osmosis explains why you get thirsty as you swim in the sea or “plump-up” in a long fresh water bath.



The dealkalization of water refers to the removal of alkalinity ions from water. Chloride cycle anion ion exchange dealkalizers remove alkalinity from water.


Ultraviolet radiation can be used as a pre-treatment or polishing step to sterilize and disinfect water. UV systems are typically used to pre-treat a water supply that is considered biologically unsafe (lake or sea water, well water, etc). The UV disinfection process is a non-chemical method for destroying microorganisms by altering their genetic material, and rendering them unable to reproduce. Most UV systems have stainless steel reactors or reactor linings.


  • We have Heavy duty and power efficient pumps, motors and spares
  • Sturdy construction
  • Develops maximum pressure.
  • Horizontal stainless steel piston
  • All working part are lubricated by oil bath
  • Provides by-pass cum pressure regulating valve and Pressure vessel
  • .


water tank is a container for storing water. The need for a water tank is as old as civilised men, providing storage of water for drinking water,irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other applications. Water tank parameters include the general design of the tank, and choice of construction materials.



Swimming pool equipment and supplies including filters, deck, chemicals, inflatables, pumps, furniture, water safety and aquatic exercise.

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